Saturday, 22 May 2010


I got out to a concert this evening. I sat there listening and watching my thoughts drift to other topics.

After all those years of trying to shush a child on my knee or making it through just the first few minutes of an event before going outside, it feels very odd, empty even, to be the undisturbed adult able to sit there and act conventionally again.

Someone took their little boy out before the concert had even begun and I realised how disconnected from parenting I feel when I don't have one of my children with me. I even felt jealous of that situation.

However the reality is that I am in the middle of 2 ongoing arguments/discussions about issues I feel uncomfortable with. Neither content to say 100% yes to, nor content to say 100% no to. This middle ground is where the difficulties lie I find.

Do parents get amnesia about the teenage years? Do they look back fondly and wish to be tied up again in verbal knots about their clearly not well enough thought out positions?

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