Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Out and about, to Costa Cafe to sit on a lovely squashy leather sofa and play with marshmallow and flake.

Then wandering through the deep caverns of aisles to find chocolate and garlic bread...

Later off in the dark to take photos of the stunning deep blue sky and headlights whizzing past.

So much doesn't get put on here, but I guess anyone with teenaged children knows why. So fill in the blanks with whatever is going on in your household and can't make it to blogland.

I had a good old rant about school last night, it boiled down to 'a good workman doesn't blame his tools', ie any blaming of children is misplaced. A responsible adult does exactly that and takes responsibility rather than passing it onto someone a fraction of their age.

I'm nearly 46, is this the reason for my crossness?

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