Saturday, 27 March 2010

Do you remember that coconut?

I had given up on my version of 'strewing' for various reasons, perceived pressure to find something new and interesting each day, irritation that no one seemed curious about what i had put on the table, a feeling of it not changing even though I tried for several months.

Now I have looked back at those entries I made about each strewed item and I see something entirely different.

For example, that coconut I proudly brought home from Sainsbury's. I never opened it, we never ate the white stuff nor drank the milk or made painted patterns with the halves.

Instead I remember the sheer terror I felt at the idea of opening it using the suggestions I found on google. Now that is interesting and real!! H and I laughed about it, so a frustrating event then has turned into a funny memory now of my decision to draw a line at using scissors to drill holes in it.

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