Saturday, 20 February 2010

Putting the joy back in

For a week I have been noting down things we do and conversations under formal categories like RE/Art/English etc. I have become hugely frustrated that a chat about holidays would have to go under Geography when that wasn't the gist of the conversation at all, it was more a wondering about what would be fun and what would suit people's personalities. PSHE? Adult life? Nature? Current Affairs? Science? My head nearly exploded. 10 mins of chat led onto 30 mins of confusion for me later.

So I'm putting the joy back in and going back to my previous way of noting stuff down. I'm doing it for me and so I have rough data to use when I write up my Home Ed review each month in my own way and for my own purposes. It takes 2 seconds when I choose to do it and is in no way a burden.

I put an * beside each brand new event. It's lovely to se how many new things there are each week. I do this for both T and H because it's more interesting. I do a separate column for each and just one page per week, stuffed full of notes like 'Qi' , 'looked at ducks' and 'asked how to spell leprechaun'.

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