Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My media fast

It has turned out interestingly so far.

The earthquake in Chile has meant that I am particularly keen on TV news and internet news. Email let me find out that my cousins in Santiago got out of their house safely.

I am very glad to no longer be looking through the Daily Mail each day. That is the best bit of this exercise by far.

At other times I am finding enjoyment in watching some old videos. Once watched I can take them to the charity shop to give them away and search for more. Since we are doing autonomous home education I simply buy anything which I think might interest the children or myself. I like being a magpie.

I think the only difference has been an extra awareness of starting to do the media drift, floating from site to site, programme to programme. Rather than that being bad, I'm simply choosing to decide for myself what I want to pay attention to a little bit more than usual. If I am feeling tired I start to drift, but that's ok, being tired is natural. Resting helps!

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