Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sleeping a teenager. At peace, still, on and on. While the body and mind sleep the transformations happen to both. No one goes around pestering caterpillars once they are all wrapped up in their cocoons, so 'Leave those sleeping teenagers alone!!' is my motto.

When they are awake they have intermittent teenageritis which requires food, drinks and general care. When it is over they head off to do fun things until the next burst of teenageritis hits.

Middle aged people have odd ailments too: extreme grumpiness, odd attacks of nature worship, peculiar longings for order and a love of old TV comedies.


  1. I wish it were that easy to leave them to it though!!!! I have two boys suffering with teenageritis at the moment, and I am really struggling!!!!
    But I know what you mean.

  2. Actually I always enjoyed poking chrysalis; if you catch them at the early stage the chrysallis flicks back and forth in response to touch - a sort of half-caterpillar/half-butterfly moment. Delightfully fascinating.

    The teenagitis is yet to come and no doubt I wont be able to resist prodding the sleeping crysallis. It's probably just as well I did a degree in Environmental Biology and nothing to do with

    And yeah...I got that middle aged personitis thing. I can tell when it's bad because I start labelling boxes and colour coding the lego...


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