Sunday, 30 August 2009


I'm in a real mood for flinging out old stuff. 3 black bags of broken bits and pieces are now down on the ground floor.

I looked through a small portion of my book collection and decided on a good dozen books to take to our village shop to be sold alongside the bubblegum and bubblewrap.

Next up is the bag of old papers from university and letters from a very long time ago. If I don't shed this sort of thing I'll be paying a lot of money to counsellors for progress I could have done myself with a bin bag! I'd rather take more tricky issues to my future counsellors.

I have always had a dream of taking all my possessions and putting them outside my room/house, then only taking back those items I actually wanted.


  1. I love the idea of taking all my possessions outside and only bringing back what I need. If only there was space in my front or back garden to do it!!! LOL

  2. My version is to do it bit by bit.

    My aim is to be a hermit in a beautiful but empty cell. Empty would conveniently include a warm bed, comfy chairs for me and a guest, a small book case, things for a pet. And a huge kitchen leading off it!! I think I could stretch to a fast car too!!!

  3. So life provides these things....I am building my desk. The chair is made. There is a mattress, but no bed yet. I have an actual floordrobe and a floorlf for books and papers. There are curtains and a couple of lamps. All lights have lampshades. Carpet and a rug. The windowsill is a desk too.


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