Monday, 31 August 2009

3 desks in one room

T is just visible as he rearranges the wires. Any IT person spends a lot of time crawling on the floor. You have to be good at squeezing into small spaces! This is H's work/fun/play station, see his lovely speakers and the general neatness. He likes to design and plan his environment carefully.
A little glimpse of H. The pool table is one of our educational/fun/HE investments for over the summer. Since taking this photo it has become a work bench for one of the computer cases and had some coke tipped over it.

T and H moved the desks over so the pool table could be that bit further from the glass window. I have had to have quite a few panes replaced over the years, but maybe those days are over.
This shows how happy I am to be back behind a desk. From my place I can peek through at H. T wants me to put up postcards etc and make myself at home! I think I will start with a bin. We have needed a place for rechargeable batteries for years, so I will be the charging champion and keep the chargers beside me.

I can't wait for the Christmas season, we can put up tinsel and a tree and have the whole office atmosphere without the boss and phone calls.

We have just decided that I will be in charge of the office fridge. T says I will have to get rid of the horrors inside it!! Oh well, I'm a mum and we are good at that sort of thing.
If I hold my camera up I can take pictures of T and H while they are busy. We don't talk that much...apart from when we do. The noise level in here is something else. 2 different games on simultaneously.

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