Saturday, 22 August 2009

What is growing?

I thought I was putting stuff in the green boxes to compost down into earth. Then it would be put on a bed and sown with seeds. Eventually new vegetables would grow. Mother Nature is far more effective...some potato chunks have simply grown into whole plants, and today I spotted what looks like a courgette plant!
Here is a closer look at the leaves and stem of the "courgette". It has tendrils, which I don't remember, and little flower buds which do look very like mini courgette flowers.

The wasps are making hay in my peelings and the fruit flies are happy as anything. Each time I plonk a new load on top of the heap there is a cloud of angry little creatures disturbed from their munching.

Probably time to turn my heaps again and see if the compostable wrappers from the supermarket have begun to do so. I put wooden lolly sticks in there too on the basis that they must rot down eventually. I put an old sock in once wanting to see if the cotton components would melt away to just leave the nylon, but no, the sock persisted in one piece. The joys of playing with my green boxes!

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