Monday, 31 August 2009

The black sheep and a foal

In our village there is a plot with hens running on it. Recently a new carer took over who has put 3 sheep there too.

This evening I started to walk past the plot and one of the sheep literally ran over to sniff me and say hallo. I found myself making noises to him, the sort I make to a cat. I have no idea how to talk to sheep! Then he went off and scampered to be with the others again.

Last night I walked past a paddock with a mother horse and her foal. A fierce notice said 'no feeding, petting or calling the horses' so I just stood there at a distance from the fence.

Soon enough the foal came over and spent some time looking at me and trying to eat the electric fence ribbon, which can't have been switched on!

The mare looked rather big and heavy in the belly, pregnant again maybe? Or maybe horses just are pretty big...

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