Friday, 19 June 2009

Learning New Spellings

As an adult I am having to face the fact that English is shifting and growing as I breathe.

Here are the spellings I had to get right, ie get wrong then Google to check how to get them right, just in the past few minutes.

IDE adaptor

Here are the ones I actually knew already:

10Gb, pronounced gig, ie gigabyte
USB hub
Compact Flash drive

T has a shopping list so I offered to write it down there and then as I have a pen and A4 pad. He is recovering from the lurgy so is at home and doing lots of computery stuff.


  1. I have just been reading your previous post about home-education. Have you read my post and debate which I published on my blog last week? It's just my intake of it. Someone was asking me about my thoughts on home-schooling, even though I'd never consider for my daughter (she thrives in school).

    CJ xx

  2. I'll go and have a good look.



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