Tuesday, 23 June 2009


It's very easy to make butter. I did a bit of googling, bought a large amount of double cream and whizzed it just like making a cake. A cake bowl is the wrong shape for it though. As soon as the whipped cream turns into solid butter the buttermilk gets sent everywhere!

I want to find a deep straight sided mixing bowl for next time.

Washing the butter was ok, tipping away the buttermilk (into my soup) and whizzing again with fresh cold water from the tap maybe 7 or 8 times. The clear water turns cloudy and is tipped away each time. Watch out for the butter heating up, if that happens it melts and is tipped away with the washing out water, not the plan.

I am not yet clear on how to get the remaining clear water drops out of the butter. It goes rancid if this water remains in the butter. So I need to google some more and look it up on YouTube.

If I eat it all in the next few days there won't be a going rancid problem.....By the way it is surprisingly pale and tasteless.

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