Monday, 12 June 2017

الطيور - الحانة - صورة الزرقاء - Inaccurate translations

أستطيع  السمع للاغنية الطيور - فانه الفجر الان

I can hear the singing of the birds, so it is dawn now

or: I can hear one bird singing, so that tells me that it is dawn

نتكلم ونبتسام ونراى معا - في حديقة وفي حانة

We talk and we smile together in the garden and in the pub

or: We talk and smile together in the garden and indoors in the pub, it is a friendly group, we spend hours out there, 


Inaccurate translations mean that the person reading needs to work out which words are accurate and which ones are not. So this makes it more interesting for me.


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