Thursday, 1 June 2017

' faut cultiver notre jardin.' - Voltaire - Draft post from 5th January 2013

I'm taking this literally and making it particularly easy for myself too. The herb garden is right by the cooker with a jug of water ready to pour into the pots. So far we have some healthy basil plants and some curly parsley.

Outside I have planted about 10 pieces of garlic, some left over from this year's crop and some new pieces from Sainsbury's.

Ever since Christmas Eve I have been on a Twitter-holiday. I thought it would just be for 24 hours, but I feel so much more relaxed without it, even 2 weeks on. Gradually the guilt about not being aware or part of the Twitter activism for Bahrain will continue to increase until I get involved again. Or maybe not?

It is a weird thing to know all is peaceful here and to enjoy that for a long solid 2 weeks. I have been googling 'amnesty bahrain' to check for new actions, so in fact I have been pretty much as involved as usual, but I know it isn't the same and I am accomplishing so much more in the household. I am more available to the children, do tasks more quickly and update my daily to do list as I go along. I have more of a clear focus on the here and now.

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