Saturday, 3 June 2017

Draft post from 17th January 2013

James Foley still missing

Here is an article in the New York Daily News about James Foley, the journalist who is missing in Syria right now.

He was the person who interviewed Matthew Van Dyke when he made a return journey to visit the prison in Tripoli where he had been held.and who made the video about Abu Salim prison in Tripoli being opened up cell door by cell door.


Sadly this post was not followed by news of his release and freedom, as we all know. I don't want to delete this draft post though, so I'm posting it, but I have removed the title.

I can't really take myself back to that time, I knew so little then about Syria, and even now I can only take in a small amount.

I let in the amount which I can deal with, in the knowledge or expectation that this process of receiving information about the war and emotions from the people I know and from fb info from people I don't know will continue on and on, like this sentence, drifting on, hurtling on into the dark, hope and despair shifting. How much can I keep myself calm, stable, reliable, when I'm just a real person, not so attentive, necessarily separate? Yet to what extent is that separateness helpful, crucial, and to what extent is it a barrier to understanding?

23rd May 2017

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