Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Downside to home education - draft from 22nd December 2013

Being questioned out of the blue by someone. I still find this horrible and difficult to deal with after all these years. I get like an animal which knows it is prey and just sits there being mauled. In my case sitting there and answering questions instead of instantly stating that I had laundry to see to and was going home straight away.

I don't think I had the slightest influence over my questioner. In fact I don't see the point in the questioning as the truths I was trying to explain didn't seem to comfort or reassure the questioner one bit. A while ago I named this sort of event being vomited over emotionally by someone. That's exactly it! Sorry for the imagery, sometimes direct is best.

It has happened so often now I call it being mugged once I get home and can speak openly. Normally I am wary and can spot this coming, but I have been over relaxed due to the summer and a lack of being verbally mugged for a few weeks.



Q: Do I post this or do I delete it?

A: I think I will edit it, using the word 'someone'.

11th June 2017

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