Sunday, 27 November 2016

NaBloPoMo - you know when you miss someone

When we worked together we'd talk about why we were there. what we were achieving, what bugged us about it.

We'd encourage each other with the work, laugh about absolutely anything, create new ways of approaching what we were doing.

I'd describe our room as the whole world, our universe, the place we were making more orderly, where we were finding the beauty and chucking out the not so beautiful.

We'd welcome people in, call it our place of transformation, people would confide in there, we laughed so much.

We talked about love, who I was crazy about, what we were looking for in a partner, about the past, about the future.

We talked about the letter qaf!

We celebrated Christmas by giving each other chocolates from the box upstairs in the kitchen.

My time there was never very certain, the days would change, I even got a job over one weekend, then came back after it all fell through. His time there seemed to be unclear, it was definitely a lot longer than the original 6 weeks planned.

I'd share all my mantras which I use to encourage myself, and made up new ones, I'd appreciate the beautiful hoovering and share my project to clean the sink.

Sometimes we'd stand there and I'd speak seriously about what I feared or hoped for, looking into the distance through the shelving and walls.

Other times he'd spend all day it seemed like on his mobile, yet the work got done so fast, with no hassle at all.

I tried to sell his mug once, or was that someone else's? That was by mistake. And I didn't notice he was ill until he actually said so. Oops.

I have his words of wisdom on my white board - surround yourself with positive people - do three things each day, ie things which move you towards your goals.

So I hope you have friends, work mates, a place to live, sorted out finances, always nice, and a sense of safety, being with people who aren't dangerous and threatening, after all those years, and a future with a partner and family. Oh and fancy clothes :) I know you are into all that.

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