Wednesday, 23 November 2016

More Autumn - nablopomo

Part of me is still at the end of August, actually part is in the heat of that day which was so hot I felt a bit ill.

Another part of me has whizzed forwards to mid November and accepts it now. Months of drama have gone by. So much has changed. So much is going on without me being part of it. I have left people behind in Oxford now, not just in Didcot.

Am I dropping my leaves? Going black and spindly, less blown about? Or so blown about I am used to it and simply say things like 'The previous water actually was used up' That's just not English. It was about the cooking this morning. By the end the cooker looked as if someone had thrown up over it.....rice boiling over :) My English went all over the place too.

A new, terrible profile picture on facebook, why on earth did I agree to put that up? I didn't want to be mean to my son because he took it, but it's shockingly unappealing. He says I need a picture of me on there, but I'm honestly happier with something else. Why are we even discussing it? Why am I even letting him anywhere near these decisions?

Look, I'm writing in English and nothing close to my heart is going to ever get said. Hmm. That's a problem.

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