Monday, 21 November 2016

أنت مصور؟ نعم. - NaBloPoMo


I went out to a great art show to raise money for Care4Calais. Met a dog, took photos, was told about an open art studio place, chatted with my friend, sat on the floor, hugged the organiser...........etc etc

A guy was so enthusiastic, he told me about his latest photography project. It was going to involve very strong fluorescent powder. He was thrilled to have an audience of one to watch him open the packet and put some into a glass of water. Oh, this is my sort of party :) I did ask him to use the powder to write Aleppo somewhere. Well, I was hoping to find a Syrian poet, but I'll have to give that search a bit longer than 2 hours!! Maybe I should have stood outside the door with my ginger beer and stopped the cyclists going past. Ever hopeful :)


Translating from my English into Arabic is a bit of a shot in the dark. I mean how can I possibly know how it sounds being said across a room? I really do need to find someone who is a poet and speaks Arabic as their native language, and on top of that is prepared to read out someone else's stuff. That is a very big ask. Since the poem was based on a piece of news and a photo from somewhere in Syria, it might be best to be someone with that accent.

That person would have to rewrite the translation as well. Or rather, tweak it, because just one change can make all the difference when it is performed.

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