Sunday, 23 August 2015

Still poetried-out

but getting interesting flashes or revelations. Not in a religious cave type way, but in a connecting my dots helpful way.


... continue with doing pairs of poems while half ignoring the Proms

... go on more rainy walks, as long as I have one pair of dry shoes/boots I can go out there

... try doing a series on my most touchy and difficult subject. Well, which one? I must have half a dozen 'don't go there' subjects

... continue with my Friday Evenings, I have wanted to do this for absolute years, I needed a certain question a while back to help me realise this

... live in the now, ie replace light bulbs and go to Sainsburys to buy more light bulbs and bleach

... raise my eyes in astonishment at the fact that I am able to read the second piece in an Arabic text book from the 80's a neighbour has lent me for 2 years so far!, it has all sorts of combinations of letters which have foxed me in my other books, but this one has explanations :)

I was about to return it to her unread, but decided to give it one last chance. Since I couldn't follow the first piece, I tried the second one and it was so much clearer. Never be surprised by anything when learning/forgeting a language. There is more forgetting than remembering, that's my tip to everyone. How many rivulets of rain are needed to create a dip and then a tiny river? Lots.

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