Saturday, 6 June 2015

Learn about Wole Solinka

One of the candidates for the Oxford Professorship of Poetry is Wole Solinka.

He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986, and has written plays, essays, poems, movies, novels and short stories. He has 5 books of memoirs, published between 1971 and 2006. So a huge body of work.

Jude Montague's show on Resonance fm shares readings by Wole Solinka and discusses the poetry world. His words are simple and clear. Topics include prison and solitary confinement and abuse of power.

He has taught at universities in Nigeria, in the US and also at Oxford University in England.

Carmen Bugan writing on the PEN website.

Wiki page - a big life, I need to spend some time with this.

Voting is open to people who have a degree from Oxford, plus others:  voting process starts here.

At the end of Jude's show there is her song: 'It's about passion, it's about love and soul.' Listen to the breath, the words, the articulation of each sound and the calm music encasing it all.


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