Monday, 8 June 2015

First time - New learning groups for 2015

for handing my car over to my son to practice in
for sitting there issuing commands like 'go into 2nd now'

for feeling someone else drive it up onto the grass verges
and back down onto the tarmac again after the tractor had passed


I enjoy setting up groups. When one comes to an end another one can emerge.

We now have a new Arabic one which meets in a garden round a table with a scary parasol. My friend and I grabbed it every so often, convinced it would take the whole table with it when the wind blew in strong gusts. We eat and drink right from the start. I can behave myself and wait for food and drink, but I'd much, much prefer not to.

Our poetry sharing group meets weekly at someone else's house and is like a port in a storm. Again, we don't do any work until the mugs of tea are in front of us. I have got so used to the way the others read and to the work they do, similar but new each time.

In the latest one we will examine a series of poems from the ModPo Plus syllabus. We will think and talk on our stomachs for this too since we will be meeting at a cafe. We know each other from online, but not so much in real life as yet.

The best thing about all of these groups is that no money changes hands, so we are all equal in that respect.

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