Thursday, 28 May 2015

V, W, X, Y, and Z - Alphabet of my mother

V - very keen on going out for little walks and a chat. Last time we had several expeditions from the house. One was to St George's Square, where we sat on a bench in the sun and I saw her eyes shut so gently, just like that, still sitting up, pretty much mid-sentence. Like a little dormouse needing rest. Smile.

W - wanting me to answer the phone, even though I am out driving for hours each day, go volunteering and doing errands, and sometimes shut out the world by sitting on the sofa watching a film.

X - extremely good at being tolerant, I have never been ticked off for being late, or for not visiting often enough or not phoning enough, etc.

Y - yoghurt with prunes! Her favourite pudding, one she didn't try to get us to eat.

Z - 'having a zizz' my parents' word for 'having a nap'.

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