Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Happy moment

- sitting on the floor in front of my Arabic bookshelves, deciding what to read next. I skipped over the hot potatoes, the heavies and the histories to choose a book I have wanted to read for ages:

Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here - ed by Beau Beausoleil and Deema Shehabi


  1. Dear Sarah,
    I stumbled across your blog post this morning, many thanks for pulling these voices down off your bookcase! I hope you will post your response to the work and our project which is in its eighth year. We have a facebook group page Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here, if you are interested in reading some of my project posts. I admire the intent and usefulness of your blog. A project member in the UK just sent me the Milosz poem this morning. Is there a way to follow your posts, I can't seem to find a subscribe option on this page.

    Beau Beausoleil

    1. Gosh, how amazing to hear/read your comment from across the world.

      Ok, I will look for the facebook group.

      The way I follow blogs I like is to add them to my sidebar. If you don't have a personal blog there must be another way. I will ask my older son what he suggests.

      All the best,


      I am still in the introduction! This might be a quick read or it might be an all summer long event :) I can never tell.

    2. I have added some code so there is now a reader subscribe button.

    3. Beau Beausoleil22 May 2015 at 04:33

      Dear Sarah,

      No rush my friend, it took us years to find a publisher for this, so your reading of it has no due date! And thanks for joining our facebook group. This is a link to a reading we had at the Arab British Centre in London last year in conjunction with a small exhibit that we had there of work from the project.

      I couldn't make heads or tails out of your subscribe button, usually I just have to put my name and email in a box to have the next blog post sent to me. But, I've copied out your web address and will check your blog from time to time. As you move along in the anthology let me know if an essay or poem strikes you.

      All best,

  2. Even I can't get the subscribe by email thing to work, so I have deleted both of those buttons until I find a better set of code.

  3. As I did my reading I thought of your request. I had a strong feeling that I didn't want to single out any particular writers because each one is writing for real and deserves equal attention.

    Now my reading has gone on hold for a long while. One of these days I will find a tutor and work more systematically on these precious words writers, editors and publishers present to us :)


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