Friday, 22 May 2015

اريد ان اقرا عن امك من فضلك


والدتي ولدت في فنتينبلو في جنوب مدينة بريس, عام ١٩٣٨. درست  اللغة الفرنسية, الروسية, اللاتينية. لا درست امي في جامعة ولكن عملت في لندن. 

كل اليوم تحب ان تقرا الجريدة وتشرب قهوة كبوجينو في مقهى صربي. 


So - that's my bit of writing about my mother. Please dive in and write something short about your own mother, in the comments box. If it's too long I will give up and not be able to read it. I need to read actual Arabic. 

Another time I will write something about my father.



  1. It's a good thing I try and read what I have written, there were some strange mistakes in my Arabic! Now fixed.

  2. Oh God, another howler of a mistake...taqara' or similar in the last line...what was I thinking?

  3. Oh dear, she didn't go to university, how do I write the negative in the past??

  4. Actually, she did, but not to take a degree, rather to attend lectures at the Sorbonne while she lived in Paris with her grandmother for a year, aged 17.

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  6. Look at this lovely story, It was sent to me today by a friend in an email to be put on here:

    The story of my father and my mother.

    My father and mother are dead now. I have lovely memories of them.

    My mother was a teacher from Wales. Her husband was a pilot but he died in World War 2. My father was an accountant from the north of England. He was a pilot in the war too. My father met my mother in 1945 and they got married 6 weeks later. Their marriage was long and very happy.

    القصة والدي و والدتي

    والدي ووالتي ميت الان. لدي ذكريات جميلة منهم.

    كانت والدتي مدرسة من ويلز. زوجها طيار ولكن هو مات في الحرب العالمية ٢. كان والدي محاسن من شمال انجلترا. هو أيضاً طيار في الحرب. والدي التقى والدتي عام ١٩٤٥ و تزوجا بعد ٦ أسابيع . كان
    زواجهما طويلة و سعيدة جداً.


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