Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Yoshka and Dreen by Jude Montague

I went past Occupy Goldsmiths and foolishly missed my chance to suppoet...support an Occupy. Someone in a bar told me where Hart's Lane Studios was. My phone had died, so I just had to keep asking.

The door had a narrow glass panel in it which didn't seem to reflect properly, it turned out to be an open mini-door to be climbed through to get into the space.

Keeping my coat on, eating doritos and dip! Wandering about peering into the series of wooden drawers hanging from the wall. Trying out the small Slinkie attached to a guitar and amplifier.

Happy to see the real versions of the photos I have been enjoying on Facebook since Jude started her exhibition a couple of weeks ago. The little toy cars, the blue and white china tea pot. The two mismatched beds. The hollow chair.

The twigs, the walls, mmm, the lights.

Then Jude and co-artists performed. Links/videos:




The poem will be published with photos from the installation. I read it a few months ago, a massive privilege.

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