Tuesday, 21 April 2015

what exactly is a prose poem in contemporary arabic literature

For my own reference: links thrown up by my search above:

https://www.soas.ac.uk/courseunits/155900901.html - good bibliography, I have read some already.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prose_poetry - list of French and German writers I should have read but haven't! I'm not a slacker, just someone who liked sitting on my rug on the grass in the sunshine, chatting.

There are plenty more, but this is quite enough. Another entry gave some paragraphs from a book I have only 2 feet away from where I am sitting right now.


http://www.poetrypreviews.com/poets/prosepoem.html - some English writers of the pp, plus links.

http://magmapoetry.com/archive/magma-42/articles/poetry-in-practice-are-prose-poems-poems/ - anything from Magma is excellent.


There were 2 sentences which explained exactly what I wanted to know. When I find them I will quote them.

Short sentences in separate lines.

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  1. Some words taken from page 62 of that link at the bottom of my post:

    'Are these poems?

    No, but they are prose feelings which are neared in structure to versified and rhymed feelings than to prose...

    His feelings and emotions are the result of reality and what happened to him in actual life..'

    (This sounds a lot like a translation.)


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