Friday, 3 April 2015

Spring cleaning - Photos

Spring cleaning

Here's a way of feeling more organised: make neat piles of my un-read books.

8 categories of Arabic: analysis/dense works, history, literature in translation, recent uprisings, readers, reference, an I/P section, and Banipal magazines.

My text book and dictionaries are in constant use anyway, so are all over the place, the car, on the stairs, in my arms, on the sofa..

I haven't got round to the English language poetry yet. That includes books by people I have met so is more personal, more free. I know the language, what a bonus.

In fact the rest of the books in this room come from pre-2012 and need to be moved out altogether. That would free up 2 sets of book shelves to be used actively, rather than holding remnants of concerns from another time. Scary thought.


Relatives came to see my mother in law, so I asked my son to take some photos of us all in different combinations before they got into their car to leave. We even had one of all the 'girls' and one of all the 'boys', nice memories for her to have.


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