Tuesday, 3 February 2015

What is a collection? - Roger Robinson


Presence - Poems written back then, a year ago or more.
Absence - All the other poems are back in the folder. Without them, the chosen ones wouldn't have been written either.

Presence - A more recent set of decisions on how to order the chosen ones.
Absence - All the other arrangements of the poems are ignored. Also crucial to the whole process.

Presence - The writer and the editor. Writing all finished.
Absence - The reader, on the other side of the page. Marking with a biro now.
Absence - The other readers. Where are they?

A quick google and I have found George Roberts' blog. But I don't want to read it until I have done my review, that would be cheating. It's just me and the ink.

Roger Robinson

Direct, simple words on reading and writing: alskdjlaksd Where do all these amazing people keep coming from? What was I doing with my life until recently? Children, that's it. My big task.

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