Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I broke the A34 rule

It is against our rules to hoot, but I did just that at a fast driver who rushed up on the slow lane and dived in front of me in a section of road which is not meant to be fast. H and I were chatting to each other using our German phrases, so I had no idea where my sudden rage came from.

Earlier I'd noticed a lorry in my blind spot, just in time before I put us both under its wheels. Maybe surviving that one meant I was in no mood to be cut up by somebody in a mere car. It's the junction where I get onto the A34 north of Oxford. I have had numerous near misses there, in the rain, in the dark, in the light. Always lorries.

I peer carefully in my mirror each time I join the road, get up to a fast speed, look through the window as well, then that's the moment of truth -- huh - wheels, many many wheels, so very close.

A couple of days ago another Oxford driver did something exceptional at the lights. Moved from the slow lane into the fast lane then in right in front of the car in the slow lane. Then, seeing as the lights still hadn't turned to green, just drove through the red light round the corner to the left. Nothing surprises us any more. No one hooted or flashed their lights. Total calm.

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