Saturday, 6 December 2014

Full moon

Even though I had 2 tickets I went on my own
My friend who likes events was already going to see a band

On the way I stopped mid-pavement for ages
To look at a b/w portrait on the front of a book in Oxfam's window

I braced myself for a horrible evening, just in case
Actually the place was packed and noisy :)

The walls were completely covered with Morris coverings
Reminded me of the House of Lords reception rooms

Combined with dramatic pictures
Fantastic backdrop to all the visitors in their finery

After a bit I was glad I was on my own
I could gaze at the gold Warhols

(When I bobbed down I could get the light right on them
The gold went from dull to brilliant, thrilling, no one else did that)

And take in the 2 Electric Chairs
No one else wanted to look at them

A tender photo of Warhol
His head thinking and his wrist reaching out

That was the best element of the whole show
The unexpected and undramatic

One of the photographers nearly got one of me
He said, 'Oops, that didn't work', but didn't try again

2 self portraits, 1 by each artist
A neat pencilled jar in front of a tray behind Morris' head

I gave lots of time to the unblinking gazes
Of the Screen Test films, and ate my apple

I feel as if it is my own house now
Upstairs and down into the basement

The band was so good down stairs
I'd love 5R to have live music, it might work well

(The YouTube video doesn't do the band justice at all
Live was mesmerising, there I was, all happy

Julia Meijer)

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