Thursday, 4 December 2014

End of term capers - Reward for 10 weeks' work

There is Christmas planning and there is holiday reading planning.

My massive stack of poetry and Arabic is calling to me. Where do I start? Do I lay them all out on my rug and take a photo and sit there wondering? Do I start 5 at once and just get 10 pages into each one?

Or write out a neat plan and tell my brother so I can be accountable to him for any stray reading? We are an accountability group of 2, we meet by phone and share what we plan to do. No punishments though.

I could be systematic and pick a male then a female poet, same with the Arabic stuff, go alternately. It's been a very long 10 weeks since I could just read without any homework needing to be done. Wanting a good mark meant doing all of it as carefully as possible.

My vocab was well hidden in the boot of my son's car, so now I can play with that too.

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