Saturday, 13 December 2014

Brave souls in Iraq - nuun - ن - نون

I am touched by their determination to support the Christian communities in Iraq this December. See this article, in English, in Al-Shorfar.

The significance of the letter ن : it is pronounced nuun or noon and was marked on the doors of the houses IS were going to get next for having Christian families inside. Even the Financial Times had a leader column article explaining this a few months ago. So the families had to go, fast. 'n' stands for one of the words for Christian, originally from the word 'an-nasira', which means Nazareth.

There is at least one article a day on the Middle East in the Financial Times, so I am cutting them out. They are written in a cool-headed and de-escalatory style. Also compassionate, or I am I merely seeing what I want to see?

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