Sunday, 16 November 2014

Tossing nearly everything overboard

Having abandoned nearly all the regular activities I used to have, I just focus on the key things:

Hall Writers' Forum, plus feedback I have promised to give
52 group on Facebook
plus a translation I have promised to do
and .... my Arabic classes with the home work

It is actually easier, because everything else goes into the bin or onto the big heap for another time.

A few years ago I told a friend that there was a great freedom in being at rock bottom. That was related to school, home education and autism/aspergers - or rather the uncomfortable clash between mainstream culture and what we actually needed.

This time it is a response to relatives in hospital, on top of the changes due to H going to school.


If I look around this dining room, I can see 4 Madonnas.

I can also see the picture of my father which I must have taken 25 years ago because he looks about my age now. Also a recent one of my mother in a big hat, plus my favourite sculpture in the house, makes it sound as if I grew up in an art gallery, a Medici looking woman with a calm, steady demeanour. She used to be on the landing at Ovington Square, my grandparents' house.

I have booked my father's big screen for later, so I can relax by reading other people's poetry and making some comments.

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