Friday, 7 November 2014

Home ed, being on the other side

I now see that, as with breastfeeding, once an era is over I simply move to the next era. That post-era era lasts the rest of my life. It will include offering perceptive comments on the process.

Quite soon my comments will be from more of a distance. Without care they could be unhelpful. So the most important thing is to be alert to what the person I am speaking to needs right now from all the things I could say.

The people who are in the midst of it can offer the practical comments and wry smiles. My view is from afterwards.

Those things which were 100% of my life are not so any more. That is unsettling to someone who is right in it. How could I not keep up with the latest research and legal confrontations? This is a generation gap of a non-family sort.

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