Saturday, 25 October 2014

Short Films - New book on Prose Poetry - this is my 1000th published blog post by the way

I have just found a blog which is no longer being updated. It is full of links to short films in Arabic. I have added it to my sidebar, but that is not a logical action. Today has not been filled with logic.

Getting a dense book on Arabic prose poetry was not a logical move either. The quickest way to gain from it is to read the notes at the end of each chapter. Actually, there is no hurry, I can read what I want when I want. It is all fine.


  1. The intro to the book is over dense, but I am now reading happily. What a thrill, I think this is exactly what I wanted.

  2. Well, it's odd to see what survives events. The beautiful book got left behind, and I search for short films via directors' names on google and Vimeo now. I hardly ever post them here, they go onto draft emails as preparation notes for future monthly series on my facebook group.

    I remember the author's name, Otared Haidar, and the simple layout of one prose poem, not what we would call a prose poem at all. About 6 lines of different lengths, but not laid out as a paragraph.


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