Sunday, 14 September 2014

To make it easy: here are the home ed blogs I follow

The home ed blogs are not obvious on my sidebar. So I have listed them. HE family living on Rum, a Scottish island Analysis of research papers on home education, mainly in US HE family, I met her online HE adult in Canada HE family, written by the dad, about everything but home ed HE family, I know the mother, local to me HE family in US HE family in UK HE family, but blog is not about home ed
10 HE family in UK, and HK
11 HE family in UK
12 HE family in US
13 HE family in US
14 HE politics and campaigns
15 About home ed in Switzerland, written in German
16 HE family in US, written by the father, lots of shooting and skinning
17 HE family, I know the mother, UK

I also follow blogs which have a particularly accepting attitude and/or a careful use of language. Particularly accepting, Kristina Chew writes this one, US HE, not being updated, read the archive, AUS HE, not being updated, read the archive, UK Important to read this, US Hilarious

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