Saturday, 13 September 2014

Just for fun : nuf rof tsuJ

nuf rof tsuJ
nettirw si meop siht
 .hsilgne/cibara ni

,thgir eht morf tratS
tuo dnuos dna 
 .drow hcae

 pu kooL 
 .seno wen eht

That is roughly how I feel when I am reading Arabic. I am exaggerating, but not by that much. In fact I should be using English words I have barely heard of to make it more life-like. 

Really it is kjldf laskjdl
and lks lksd lkjkslsld man
after that oero oqow but ,mxcn
and qowi  ,mxnc Baghdad.

This is more to the point:

Yesterday morning ,mn asdas erwer Islamic State
asds and oiuo weasd John Kerry asds dfdfaf leader gfdgd
Riyadh, and after that wqw lkjl zzxzxv Sunna,
military, kkjg, military hjhgjhg army iytitl war oiuoiu.

Happy learning.

Or, a programme so good I hit on it twice by accident, only realising once the English words arrived:

Good morning, hallo qrqwq asfa gay poipoi zxcxc
lakjsd  qrqwq queer pipoi afa erqe xbxfg... ok, I get the message from the key words.

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