Thursday, 4 September 2014

Reading book titles = hoovering

It's a small step each time and includes just one verb or noun, sometimes one of each. Also an author's name. So that's why it is useful to read a review of a recently published book.

I found out the word for sweet coffee today and got it written down too. The man wrote it down really slowly and carefully. Total opposite to my hurried scrawl in English. urid qahwa halwa minfadlak. I guessed entirely wrongly in London last weekend, but now I know what I was misunderstanding.

I used up all the sugar and did a careful manoeuvre with my little cup so that all the grounds went back into my main pot and settled down before starting again and pouring more carefully. I had been too greedy and had tipped loads of grounds into my little cup. This all makes sense if you have made yourself cough with trying to drink the grounds out of ignorance.

Watch the long handle though, one day I will send it all flying. I nearly did several times during lunch with a friend at the cafe.

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