Friday, 5 September 2014

Fog is lifting - 3 x 3 haiku

Fog is lifting
Yet how much
Fog there is

Picking out words
Flipping to 'translate'
Dictionary on knee

This is new
Never seen before
A new certainty

I know that
Not the meaning
But the sound

Just stop trying
Flick through words
Put on done-heap

Sounding out carefully
Frowning a bit
Aha it's 'television'

Wondering about 'Bashar'
It must have
A real meaning

I already know
'Assad' means lion
What's the plural?

Doing these means I am not thinking about anything else, so it is a form of meditation, keeps my mind focused. If I write on paper I can acknowledge all thoughts as they come along, then let them go to see where my attention will go next. I can try to be as truthful with myself as possible, no censorship.

Nothing like sitting here able to type out my own stuff on my own blog. I'll enjoy this one day in the future. I wish I could persuade my mother to write one though. It would only be a fair swap for starting to use a mobile after much pressure.

I gave in eventually and now use a mobile phone after being given one for some Christmas, more than once in fact... Talk about not giving up on me. I had small children though and getting calls while I was busy, and I was always busy, was the last thing I wanted.

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