Saturday, 20 September 2014

Last night before leaving home for uni

i just ate hughs last tictac showing me the empty packet
just dont shout too loudly hugh was asleep on teh sofa next door

I need more pillows
Take any you like

I need to do a reconciliation
Its 100£ im not going to get my card until the amount seeetles
its 110£
its 150£
I think I will go and get my money card now

I am wondering whether I should go to bed tonight or not. It's a bit like Christmas Eve or being in labour, sleeping is just not relevant. We need to drive off at 8am tomorrow anyway.


I like this because it is just typed in quickly, typos and all.
I did have a proper night's sleep after all.
The trip went well, we are now two households, one here and one there.
A first labour brings a presence, this time it brings an absence.
I haven't been skyped yet.

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