Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Change, difficult stuff

This photo shows movement in a familiar place. It represents the shifting and changing around us at all levels at the moment.

I sat on the floor by the fridge and took several pictures at random after a talk with a friend at our village pub. I was trying to take photos of the heap of university equipment from down there, but it didn't work.

For a while I had the luxury of not needing a regular prayer plan (no words, I disagree with *all* of them, but a plan none the less), but that's changed. I even texted my mother to ask for her help. I sat in a cafe and stared.

H and I were nearly taken out on the A34 this morning by a plank spinning off from the back of the truck in front of us. So that was a lucky escape.

There is a Cid Corman webcast this evening. I'd better survive the drive this afternoon so I don't miss it. There goes Umm Kulthum in one of her amazing riffs.... The cat is plaguing me too, though she's finally stopped jumping on my desk and is purring between my back and the back of the chair. She offers me what she can. There is a lesson there.

A beautiful song from the film The Square

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  1. I'm back to needing a prayer plan again. Just like that time, I knew this was way too much to handle on my own so I asked my mother to pray as well. Just like the first time, she said yes immediately and I felt the burden simply lift away. So that is what parents of older people do. They are on permanent standby for the massive prayer requests which only come along every few years.


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