Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Yet another film seemingly including parts of my life - The Separation

I wanted to relax and have a helpful nap in front of a soothing film. Instead I chose a difficult one I paid attention to. How does this happen?

The terrifying consequences of a wife refusing, for her own unspecified reasons, to continue to play the game. Even I decided she was in the wrong for wanting to separate while the father in law was living with the family.

I couldn't believe how they were able to actually talk/shout even while splitting up. Surely there would be a deadly silence?

And how come she went while he was right there, surely she'd wait until he was asleep or something? Or go for lunch at her parents' house and just happen to have all her financial paperwork and favourite clothes and books in the boot of the car.

I found it unbelievable that the wife was welcomed back by her own parents. How kind is that? That doesn't seem very realistic.

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