Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The news and that video

My second most hit upon post ever includes a link to an interview/film James Foley made with Matthew Van Dyke in Tripoli 2011: remember-locks-being-broken

I am appalled by this, but my younger son (16) was just starting to watch the video when I said hallo to him this morning. I said, no don't watch that, really don't, but left him to it. What can you do?

I asked him this evening if he was all right, now he'd seen it. He said yes, with the callousness of youth. He told me a bit about it, which I hadn't needed to hear, but then stopped. I wish he hadn't told me.

Everything like this hardens my tolerance level just that little bit, to cope, to find my new normal. If it can't become a new normal I wouldn't be able to function. Horrible thought. All these distancing and coping mechanisms kick in to protect my mind.

Yes, I really wish I hadn't heard what he told me. So we will need more talking tomorrow.


  1. A film has been made about James Foley:

  2. A film has been made about James Foley:


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