Friday, 11 July 2014

Your Majesty, Your Excellency, Urgent Action

It feels pretty much automatic to be writing out my name and address for the umpteenth time on yet another set of letters for Amnesty Bahrain. For various reasons I have been quite unable to write for over 6 months, but it is good to be back.

No changes at the top I see, all the same names. I will have to ask about the price of stamps, it was 88p, but has it changed?

Do the officials get bored of the endless letters arriving each morning?

I guess I will never get a visa to go there given the letters I write, so my one visit pre-children may well have been it. The airport was very luxurious, uncrowded and pleasantly cool in the middle of the night, changing planes on the way to Singapore. I had a long skirt on and long sleeves. I had studiously avoided talking to my male neighbour on the plane, trying not to be a loose western woman, but the coffee and food was lovely. I wonder which airline it was?

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