Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Two hours

Sudden changes just arrive. Now T drives his own car to work each day. So I have two extra free hours each day, but one hour less with him. I still get up to see him off and am here to see him get back.

They did the last radio show from our house this evening. I have just cleared up the kitchen after dropping them off at the station. Steak, chips, strawberries, raspberries, meringues and ice cream. They are celebrating in Reading, so I will be doing a late night pick up in a few hours' time. All those lives sitting in my car, so I drive extra safely.

Now T doesn't need me for the journeys, I could take off with H and just go somewhere for a few weeks... London, Dartmoor, the sea? Too much freedom? St Ives, the Borders, Skye? Camp in the garden and go on strike? Build bonfires each evening? Move into the old stable in the back garden and be a hermit? One with lots of friends!

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