Sunday, 1 June 2014

Maram Al-Massri مرام المصري

Today has turned into another of my days off from Arabic, ie a day for reading one collection of poetry from my shelf. I have already spent a few days on this collection, so I just made sure I had read it all.

Even though each half of the book had 100+ poems in it, they were selections from 2 previous books. So there is a lot more to read another time, when I get better at Arabic and can simply buy non-bi-lingual editions.

I need an all female reading group so we can discuss such books with each other openly.

Write up on Banipal.

French write up, plus much longer list of her books.

I would like to read her autobiography, if she has written one.

If you would like to practice French, German or other languages, look at her own blog which has various translations on it. Each poem is numbered and is pretty distinctive anyhow, so knowing a poem in one language will help you read and understand it in another language quickly.

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