Saturday, 24 May 2014

Amjad Nasser - Imagined Sons - Prof Asher Susser

This is a bit of a sandwich:

Here's another book for my wish list. It is half way between prose and poetry. It looks like covering both the writer's and the translator's life. I really like autobiographies. The more personal the better, but then I can put a book down whenever I choose. Land of No Rain by Amjad Nasser and translated by Jonathan Wright, who translated Hassan Blasim.

Without planning it, I have read another complete collection of poetry on a Tuesday. It was so fast, I started to read it, then found I was nearly at the end. It stirred me up, so I wrote some incoherent rambling with an awful pen with loose ink which goes all over the place. This is preparation for a workshop I am going to, given by Carrie Etter. I see a life-time of poems about her lovely son. As she lives on, hopefully he will live on too, living their parallel lives until perhaps they meet.

Listening to my current online Professor is taking up a lot of time. The lectures will disappear in a couple of weeks, maybe sooner. I have 16 to get through by then. The topics have come up to my own life time. I hadn't expected to feel in some way responsible and far more unsettled in a way I hadn't for the pre-1964 sections of history. As an adult I do now have powers to support or not support what others do.

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