Sunday, 11 May 2014

3000 words - Kickstarter project

That is my challenge. I stacked up my vocab cards and I guess I am 1/10th of the way there. Then I made a pencil mark on the door frame for 300 cards. I used my tape measure to see where 3000 cards might stack up to. Now I have a little pencil line to aim for.

I'm finding words everywhere. My favourites are ones like tahrir because I know it anyway from the political changes on tv and on Twitter. Names of newspapers and writers are great too, I make a card for each if those and chuck them on my pile to check the exact spelling on Wikipedia or on Google Translate. The food ones are a mystery, so I have the instruction "look on Google images" on the back of those cards.

All texts I read in English have a few anglicised Arabic words so I take those. By their nature they are important enough to be used in a Preface or essay.


The Kickstarter project I signed up for has been fully funded.

A Bird is not a Stone

It looks as if there will be an event linked to this in Oxford, so I look forward to that. I will encourage my previous class mates to come along with me to that.

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