Monday, 21 April 2014

Sofa time

My parents are watching tv. I can hear the little clinking noises my mother is making as she eats from a china plate. I am just surfing on their sofa and resting after a busy day.

My mother said that a family home ceases to be so once the parents are dead. Hmm, so spending time just being here on their sofa in their drawing room is the best thing I could do. I sat in their bed earlier and had a heart to heart with my mother. She gave me a jumper to wear and a fleece to have over me too.

Earlier I pinched my father's sheepskin coat to go out in, so that has seen loads of short films at the new Tate with me.

On the Millenium Bridge over to St Paul's I could see the Nat West tower, close to where my father, S and I used to work, and the fairy tale turrets of St James's, 2 tube stops from this house. Every way I looked I could see buildings from different parts of my life. Going by bus was the same, here where I joined a demonstration, there where the wedding reception was.

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